Friday, October 26, 2007

A shared message

Today I received an email from Jim Linderman who was in charge of the We Can Weekend which we just provided scarves for. At the camping weekend he shared my story of dealing with my daughter and my sister having cancer and the beginnings of Scarves From The Heart, and then they passed out scarves to each and every cancer survivor present - ladies you are some of those people who made this possible so take a bow! Back to the subject, the message from Jim was an email Jim passed on from one of the campers, and I'd like to share it with you . . .

Dear Jim,

Cathi, Levi, Darian, Louis and I just want to say thank you for a wonderful weekend. We came back feeling tired but spiritually renewed. There were so many great things that it is hard to choose just one but we all agreed it was the meeting where the scarfs were handed out. It was such a warm and safe feeling among so many new friends that felt as we had known each other for ages. Cancer can take so much away from us. It is so nice to know that there are so many hidden and beautiful gifts to be found during the journey. Our love to all the people that make this event possible. We can't wait for next year and as much as we want to go we pray for your desk to overflow with applications so many more may experience the healing and love found among friends who know and care.

Smiles and Hugs,
Diane L.

It feels good to know that this little bit we all do is appreciated and means so much to the people who are fighting this "monster".

Jeanne is far too modest, and I don't mean to embarrass her, but I just want you all to know who she is. Jeanne is the Associate Director of Scarves From The Heart, and we live in the same town. We met at a local stitching group and even though neither of us are active in the group on a regular basis these days we've stayed in touch. When I learned that if SFTH is to get the 501(c) non-profit status we are required to have at least two officers. I knew I didn't want the second person to be a family member because I didn't want there to ever be any reason to question the honesty of what we do. So I thought about several people as candidates, and Jeanne is someone I have a lot of respect for, I like her, she's easy to get along with, and we both have a similar philosophy regarding knitting for charities. So it just seemed that she was the right person, and when I asked her if she would consider being the associate director for SFTH she didn't hesitate.

Yesterday Jeanne came over so we could do some computer things and brought with her a scarf which has become the first "Winter" scarf! I tried, unsuccessfully to upload a picture of it. It's really pretty, she made it from sock yarn, and made it in a tube. Pictures later.

I've decided what my winter scarf will look like, though it isn't started yet. It will be knit on the diagonal and will be reminiscent of a candy cane. It will be a fairly simple stitch, something that won't curl, but will be equally appropriate for a man or woman.

Has anyone else decided what they will make?

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