Monday, March 23, 2009

Could we get some noise going?

This group isn't very active, and I'm wondering if it's time we closed the blog? Not the group by any means, but because few of us post I'm thinking we can do the same things by email and it might be less intimidating.

Please email me at SFTS to give me your opinion. If, in about 10 days time, no input indicates we should leave the blog open I will close it down.

I've posted a new scarf pattern at SFTH called Steps. It's the first pattern after the link. I've used a stitch from the 365 Stitches per Year perpetual calendar, but started the scarf on a different row than the stitch pattern on the calendar.

Hope all is well with everyone and that your hooks and needles are keeping you busy and happy. Shelly

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Calendar

Today I sent out an email with the calendar of due dates and themes for 2009. I'll put it here also so if you ever have a question you can go here for the info. However, I'll still send out email reminders also.

February 28th - Springing for Joy - Knit or crochet any scarf in a spring color that brings you joy. We'll all be looking forward to spring by the end of February!

May 31 - Mother May I - Knit in honor of your mother. If she was a knitter or crocheter, make something she would have made, or something she would enjoy.

August 31 - Fall is just around the corner - Think Autumn, I know it's still hot and not the kind of weather you want to be using wools, so you may want to make this ahead of time and send it to reach us by the deadline.

November 30 - Thankful - This deadline falls shortly after we celebrate Thanksgiving, so let's make as many scarves as we can, and be thankful that we are able to practice our craft.

In line with the November due date, I'd just like to take a moment to thank all of you for participating in Stitching For The Seasons. 2008 was a wonderful year for Scarves From The Heart. In December alone we gave out 210 scarves, plus some hats! So thank you to all who have participated and made Scarves From The Heart successful!

In the email I challenged each of you to find a friend who would join SFTS! Let's see if we can double our membership!

Friday, January 16, 2009


As is usually the case half the month has passed and I've let time get away. I hope 2009 has been good to all so far.

The holiday season was slow for Scarves From The Heart. A couple of you sent scarves for the winter season, but I know with the economy Christmas Knitting was a priority for many.

I've been enjoying working with a new yarn that has just become available to the public. It's Mini Mochi yarn from Crystal Palace Yarns and can be purchased at Jimmy Beans Wool and Yarn Market The price is very close at both sites, but I didn't check into the cost of shipping at either. I'm not sure if it has shipped out to stores yet. The color on this picture isn't real accurate, but it gives you an idea of the scarf I'm working on. I cast on 46 stitches using a cable cast on, making the scarf just over 4 inches wide. I pulled from the inside of the first ball and completed two rows, then tied on the second ball, pulling from the outside and doing the next two rows. The pattern is knit 1, purl 1 across, slipping the first stitch of every row purlwise. When changing balls of yarn, slip the first stitch and purl the second stitch using the ball from two rows below. You'll be surprised at how little the drawn up yarn shows. I'll be trying this same method with a variegated yarn and black yarn soon.
The portion at the center back of the chair, the part that looks tan is actually more green than it appears and the orangey section is more a coppery orange.
The yarn is very soft, it's 20% nylon and 80% merino and is not highly twisted. It's not a yarn you'll want to frog often so I wouldn't recommend it for a beginning knitter.
Hope you're all well and enjoying lots of fun knitting projects. For those of you who may live in the regions getting the bitter cold temperatures I hope you are all safe and warm.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Recurring Theme . . .

My last post I was ruminating about where October had gone, and now I've allowed November to slip past as well as several days of December. Old habits die hard, obviously. I've never been one who found it easy to build habits, especially good ones. Oh, well, enough of that blither.

Thank you, Rena, for reminding me that I hadn't been here lately! What are you all knitting as Christmas gifts? I'm not knitting for Christmas, I'm struggling through a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. I started one pattern for a pair of long (nearly elbow length) ones, got to the thumb part and realized I couldn't make heads or tails of the directions so I tried to use the thumb portion of another pattern, but just managed to confuse myself further. In frustration I frogged them completely and started another pattern, but lengthened them some, so that my sleeve will come down over the cuff even when I'm knitting. I've just started the increases for the thumb.

Scarves . . . December scarves are due soon! I know that many of you are doing Christmas gifts and so if you've opted not to do December scarves there will be no repercussions . . . we don't kick you out!

I'm still working on a couple of scarves, but just feel like I'm knitting slower than ever these days. I'm not sure why . . . maybe fibro fog, but my mind just seems to wander more than usual and I'm finding it harder to concentrate.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrated, and that you're about ready for the upcoming holidays however you celebrate.


Monday, November 3, 2008

October is gone?

The month of October just flew by me. At the end of September Jeanne, my sil Dawn, and I attended the 'Customer Appreciation Day' for Stockton Hematology Oncology and gave out about 40 scarves, then we left another 30 or more in the treatment area for patients to take. This event was much different than the "Gathering of Friends" event, in that other vendors were there too. Several of the vendors reps came over to find out what we are about, and I wish now we'd had some brochures or at least written info available to give out. All I had were business cards, so I hope they went to our web site to learn more about what we do.

While the gals handled the chores at S.H.O., hubby was nice enough to take a batch of scarves to St. Joseph's Regional Cancer Center for their annual We Can camping weekend. Jim told me afterward that the chaplain used our scarves as part of a message to address the concerns of many of the campers that people just don't seem to care about their plight. He gave them warm fuzzy proof that many people care about them, people who they've never even met. I'm awaiting pictures from Jim of the event so I can get them posted.

We received many more scarves than expected for the August deadline, and it looks like we will have enough to make a one time donation to the homeless shelter or the local mission which serves the local street people. We're still getting very temperate weather here though we've had rain off and on for the past four days.

Hope you all get out and Vote tomorrow - let your voice be heard.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lots happening!

Tomorrow evening is the "Gathering of Friends" event where Scarves From The Heart will pass out scarves. I'm guessing we'll go through 100 to 150 scarves! I'm hoping we'll get some good pictures to post.

On 9/30 we will be at Stockton Hematology-Oncology's "Customer Appreciation Day" where I expect we will pass out another 100 to 150 scarves.

Just a reminder, our fall scarves are due Sept. 22nd, so if you haven't finished yours the due date is right around the corner!

Our Winter theme will be "No Winter Doldrums"! That means you can make any scarf you choose that makes you happy! Preferrably in bright colors!

I hope you are all safe from the storms that have been talked about in the weather reports.


Monday, September 1, 2008

362! We have 362 Scarves!

If these old legs would let me climb a mountain I'd shout it from the highest peaks! You gals, and all those you've told about Stitching For The Seasons and Scarves From The Heart have been absolutely wonderful! You've done a wonderful job exceeding the goal we had set! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish each of you could come to the "Gathering of Friends" event to see the faces of the folks who receive your handiwork. Each is so thankful, and so appreciative! This year I'm asking a friend to come along just to man a camera so that you can see some of these folks with their scarves. Last year we were short handed for help just to give them out, and then ran out of scarves. This year I'm hoping we'll have plenty of help, and I know for sure we have plenty of scarves.

Again, thank you all so very much!