Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hi Gals

Nice to read your intros - Hello! My name is Jan (Janet) I live in MA 5 minutes from where I was born and in the other direction 5 minutes from where I grew up. I am 51 and married for 24 years. Never was able to bear children, so alas no grandkids. I have a 1 year old dog named Ayla (yes after the Clan of the Cave Bear). I am an artist who spent most of my life as a technical writer. Fortunately about 10 years ago I was jobless due to the co. moving to FL. I decided to start my own business (stained glass/Art glass, fusing, etc.). Then I discovered oil painting and I paint like crazy and am a multi-media artist who loves creating ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). I LOVE to knit. Like glass and paint - yarn makes me drool - all those colors!!! We just scrape by because DH agreed that accepting an unpaid position with American Baptist Women's Ministries as Mission & Service Coordinator was a good thing to do. My three year term is up July 2008 - then we'll see... Hope I didn't put anyone to sleep (blah, blah, blah). :-) Jan

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