Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year to you all!

2008 is here for those on the east coast, but here in California we have just over another hour and a half! I'm excited about where we can take Stitching for the Seasons in 2008, and I'd like some suggestions from all of you on how to get more members. So, put on your thinking caps and don't be shy, no idea is a bad one!

I did finally finish my scarf for the December 15th deadline, though I'll be honest I've had such a difficult December, I was late! I know, shame on me. My health seems to have taken the brunt of the stress due to the loss of my dear father-in-law, and since the 13th I've gone from one symptom to another with hardly a day of feeling really well. I'm really not looking for sympathy here, just trying to tell you that there is a reason for my being late.

I ended up dumping the Candy Cane stripe scarf in favor of one called snow on ice made from a discontinued yarn called Minou by Pingouin in white, and because of the thick/thin texture and a kind of shiny thread running through the thin portion it looks like snow on top of ice.

Sadly, only now as I took photos of it I discovered one ball of the yarn is discolored and really shows in the photos, which means it will show in daylight too. I'll launder it and see if it washes out, it may just be dusty (I hope). Otherwise I'll either pull out the discolored portion and reknit it, or knit another as I have more of the yarn. In this next picture you can see the color difference. Well it's not the end of the world, only a bit of time wasted! No doubt we've all had worse disappointments.
So, I'll move on and start thinking about the next scarf I'll make after I repair this one!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Scarves and absence

Hello all,

Several scarves have arrived recently, but to be honest this has all had to take a back seat because my father-in-law has been very ill. Yesterday, he passed away. I will make sure the p.o. box gets checked, but that is the extent of what I can commit to at this time, as it's a very difficult time for our family who is all very close. He was the head and heart of our family and it's going to be an extremely difficult adjustment.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

I just sent my scarf, too.

I mailed my scarf this past week, so it should arrive shortly.

Our weather has cooled down here somewhat, but we're so lucky not to have snow and ice. For us 60 degrees is cold.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It is all up to the post office now!

The scarves were washed and dried. They were tagged with the type of yarn and washing instructions. I even noted that they were knitted with a dog in the house. And the tag has my name and a seasonal note. And I packaged them up and took them to the post office. It is all up to the post office now. Travel in peace scarves! Happy First night of Chanukah for those of us who celebrate.