Sunday, October 21, 2007

Introducing Marcie

Shelly is the "Mom" of this group, and I am, by default, the administrator of the blog. So it is a good thing I looked at Shelly's profile, to realize I actually had to write mine (otherwise it said I was an accountant from Afghanistan!)

Unlike Shelly, I've been knitting most of my life. My mom tried to teach me when I was about 9 but when I was 11 I came home from sleepaway camp with a slipper on a pencil and enough yarn to finish it, and I've been knitting ever since. At 56, that means I've been knitting for more years than I want to figure out (remember, I'm not an accountant!) I knitted through my college classes before anyone knew what ADHD was, and what to do to make sitting through classes bearable. I may not be able to wear those sweaters anymore, but I still have them as a fond memory.

My daughters are 25 and 28 - one in graduate school in the pursuit of joint Masters Degrees in Jewish Communal Service and Jewish Education, and the other working as a producer for a private company. Husband is a lawyer. When our younger daughter was studying in Israel she adopted a puppy, flew him back to NY and then drove him cross country to live with her in LA while she continued school. Among other things, he figured out how to get out of the apartment, so he was evicted and flew back to NY to live with us, which he did for a year. Now he and his "mommy" live with us, as dd has moved back to study in NY.

Knitting scarves has always been one of my least favorite things, but when Shelly posted on a list about needing scarves by a certain date it struck a chord for me. Too many people close to me have been affected by cancer and she offered me some small way of helping others. That's why I am in this group. Some scarves will be a means of de-stashing, some will be the result of an incredible bargain (there would have been a photo here, but the batteries have died) and some will be yarns that rounded out an order from Knitpicks (why pay postage?) Living in the NY area, I also have access to some of the most incredible yarn stores, so these scarves give me an excuse to shop for yarn, the only thing I like to shop for.

Have I already told you 5 things about me?

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