Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where does the time go?

At this house, it was not spent knitting much. My mother in law was very ill for most of June, and on the 25th she lost her battle with a failing body. She had a good long life, she would have been 90 this coming September, and she had a devoted husband for nearly 62 years, until his passing last December 9. She's in a better place, still it has left all of her family saddened by our loss.

She would not want us to dwell on the sadness, and to honor her we go on with life, certainly not as before, but we do go on.

Summer has barely arrived and I need to assign the theme for fall scarves . . .
this time I'm going to ask you all to make men's scarves . . . so our theme is "Remembering our roots". You can base it on colors you remember your father wearing, or colors that remind you of your grandfather . . . it's a pretty broad theme, but let's do stay to colors the men in the family would wear, as well as the yarns and patterns.

I've just started a scarf using the 'mistake rib stitch' in autumn colors because my father loved to hunt in the fall, and this yarn has all the colors of the leaves I remember from my childhood.

Tell us, what does this theme make you think of?

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