Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's June already!

It doesn't seem possible, but June is already here, in just days the kids will be out of school and the peace and quiet of a lot of homes will erupt into a raucous noise of happy children.
I have several scarves in the works currently. Branching Out, in Cinnamon color Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold is a bit less than half done. This one, a simple diagonal scarf is in the Pogo colorway of Red Heart "Strata". It has a long way to go yet. Then there is the scarf I started for my good friend Sue, the Lacy V scarf . . . it's llama and wool and it's just too warm to work on it. But I did finish this one . . . It is 100% bamboo, a yarn called Vivace, by

Yarn Place. It's a very silky yarn to work with. I almost hated that it was finished (though shown here in progress - I'll photograph it when blocked). Being so silky, I'm not sure it will hold the blocking, if not, I like it well enough as is, but I won't do lace with the skein of this yarn I have left. Meanwhile I'm actively looking for another pattern to make with it. Then there is a scarf I started on a whim one day . . . in a neutral beige(y) color . . . it was going to be a sampler scarf, but it hasn't gotten far and I think it will be in the frog pond before long. It's a fingering weight yarn and I think it wants to be something lacy, maybe a feather and fan scarf which is a stitch I haven't yet learned, but now that I've gained a bit of confidence with lace from this pattern (sorry, I know it doesn't look lacy) I think I can handle it.

The bewitching hour is nearly here, so I'm off to try to catch a few hours of sleep.

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