Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Challenge of the Fall Scarf

I've been making some men's scarves since I knew that Shelly was concerned about them, but hadn't been thinking in terms of my dad (or grandfather, or big brother!) But last night I started father wasn't big on wearing scarves, he was always warm. But, as a man in the 1950s I fondly remember my father's hats - they had to be creased just so, and the brim had to be just so, and much as I loved to touch those "felted" garments, I had to be careful. So, you've probably figured out that "felted" was the word that came to mind. And I looked on line, and found some simple instructions for felted scarves - so, using some "male" colors, I'm going to make a felted scarf for my fall scarf.

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Shelly said...

What a great idea! I'll be anxious to see them.

If my garage were bigger I'd have a top loading washer just for felting. Alas, I love my front loader for laundry and clean clothes are probably one step up from felting in the line of necessity.