Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Generous Donation!

It is with great pleasure that I share with you all that Susan, owner of Crystal Palace Yarns has donated two patterns which are now posted on the Scarves From The Heart pattern page. These are scarf patterns that are also currently on the CPY website, but she may be removing them (I'm not sure as this happened very quickly through a designer I've met on line). Susan is also donating enough yarn to make two of each of these scarves! Go check out the patterns;

Scarves From The Heart is hoping to make it's own generous donation in September. The Regional Cancer Center at St. Joseph's in Stockton invites all it's cancer survivors (including those currently in treatment) to an event held at a small park adjacent to their facility each September and they've asked us to join them again this year and to pass out free scarves to each cancer survivor. We gave away about 65 or 75 scarves last year and ran out, so I'm hoping to have 125 scarves to start with this year. I know you all signed up to make 1 each season, but if you can find the time I would really appreciate your help in meeting this goal. Here's a picture from last year's event (terrible of me, but as you can see I knitted even through the event) the board shows some of the scarves that had previously been donated, along with a short bit about who we are. Those scarves and so many more were all donated and each and every person who received one was very gracious and appreciative.

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mydesertstudio said...

That is wonderful!

Question - Are we still doing a summer scarf? Or are we putting all our energies into the September scarves?