Monday, March 23, 2009

Could we get some noise going?

This group isn't very active, and I'm wondering if it's time we closed the blog? Not the group by any means, but because few of us post I'm thinking we can do the same things by email and it might be less intimidating.

Please email me at SFTS to give me your opinion. If, in about 10 days time, no input indicates we should leave the blog open I will close it down.

I've posted a new scarf pattern at SFTH called Steps. It's the first pattern after the link. I've used a stitch from the 365 Stitches per Year perpetual calendar, but started the scarf on a different row than the stitch pattern on the calendar.

Hope all is well with everyone and that your hooks and needles are keeping you busy and happy. Shelly

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Karin said...

I am still looking. :)