Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Calendar

Today I sent out an email with the calendar of due dates and themes for 2009. I'll put it here also so if you ever have a question you can go here for the info. However, I'll still send out email reminders also.

February 28th - Springing for Joy - Knit or crochet any scarf in a spring color that brings you joy. We'll all be looking forward to spring by the end of February!

May 31 - Mother May I - Knit in honor of your mother. If she was a knitter or crocheter, make something she would have made, or something she would enjoy.

August 31 - Fall is just around the corner - Think Autumn, I know it's still hot and not the kind of weather you want to be using wools, so you may want to make this ahead of time and send it to reach us by the deadline.

November 30 - Thankful - This deadline falls shortly after we celebrate Thanksgiving, so let's make as many scarves as we can, and be thankful that we are able to practice our craft.

In line with the November due date, I'd just like to take a moment to thank all of you for participating in Stitching For The Seasons. 2008 was a wonderful year for Scarves From The Heart. In December alone we gave out 210 scarves, plus some hats! So thank you to all who have participated and made Scarves From The Heart successful!

In the email I challenged each of you to find a friend who would join SFTS! Let's see if we can double our membership!

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