Monday, November 3, 2008

October is gone?

The month of October just flew by me. At the end of September Jeanne, my sil Dawn, and I attended the 'Customer Appreciation Day' for Stockton Hematology Oncology and gave out about 40 scarves, then we left another 30 or more in the treatment area for patients to take. This event was much different than the "Gathering of Friends" event, in that other vendors were there too. Several of the vendors reps came over to find out what we are about, and I wish now we'd had some brochures or at least written info available to give out. All I had were business cards, so I hope they went to our web site to learn more about what we do.

While the gals handled the chores at S.H.O., hubby was nice enough to take a batch of scarves to St. Joseph's Regional Cancer Center for their annual We Can camping weekend. Jim told me afterward that the chaplain used our scarves as part of a message to address the concerns of many of the campers that people just don't seem to care about their plight. He gave them warm fuzzy proof that many people care about them, people who they've never even met. I'm awaiting pictures from Jim of the event so I can get them posted.

We received many more scarves than expected for the August deadline, and it looks like we will have enough to make a one time donation to the homeless shelter or the local mission which serves the local street people. We're still getting very temperate weather here though we've had rain off and on for the past four days.

Hope you all get out and Vote tomorrow - let your voice be heard.

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