Monday, March 10, 2008

Missing in action no more!

Hi Gals, It's good to see you all posting. I apologize for my absence here. I'm just finally, after three weeks, getting over this terrible flu bug I've had. It's only the past two days I've felt well enough that I can do what needs to be done. Even still, my energy level isn't back to normal.

Here is my March Scarf, I call it the Camellia Basket, because the color is the same color as the Camellias in our front yard and it has a stitch pattern that looks a lot like basket weave, though it's called the Lizard Lattice in the 365 stitches a year perpetual calendar where I found it. It's made with a 55% Cotton 45% Acrylic yarn called Kim and the color is not as red as it appears on my monitor.

Hope you all are well and beginning to see some signs of spring like we are enjoying here in California. It has been in the low 70's the past few days, and trees are blooming, and leaves are budding out. People are planting flowers, and bulbs are in bloom. I was late getting my potted tulips out into the sun so they've just peeked about an inch or so out of the soil! I love this time of year, with everything growing, blooming and the sun shining. I'm sorry for those of you who are still struggling through winter storms, but by time you are enjoying spring like weather here in California we'll most likely be using air conditioning.


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