Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's too quiet here . . .

With the holidays just around the corner and the first one less than a week away I expect you are all busy with preparations.

I've finally settled on the look for my winter scarf. Several ideas didn't pan out because of my lack of expertise, especially in changing colors. I'm not particularly happy with my increase side, but here's the start of it;
I should be working on a baby dress for charity, but tonight when I looked for this already started project, I couldn't find it. Ummmm, too many project bags? Shhhh, don't let hubby hear that. I've since bought a book with a pattern for a baby dress that I like much better, so maybe I'll just start fresh as I already have some yarn I can use for it.
If you're inclined toward prayer, please say a prayer for my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. DFIL, Eino, was hospitalized on Wednesday afternoon with an intestinal blockage caused by his intestines twisting. They've been pumping his stomach and it seems to have helped some. Tomorrow they're planning to give him some type of contrast med and then do an x-ray to see if the problem is likely to resolve itself once the intestine is empty or if surgery will be necessary. On top of this he also has a bacterial pneumonia. They are keeping him comfortable with morphine because of the extreme pain from the blockage, and treating the pneumonia with both antibiotics and oxygen.
DMIL, Evelyn, suffered a broken hip on 10/14 as well as yet another stroke, she seems to have the strokes rather frequently even though they aren't severe. Hip replacement surgery was performed on the 17th after blood thinners had cleared her system enough to make it safe to operate. Healing has been particularly slow and she suffered an infection, and the re-opening of the wound about a week or two after surgery. When we visited on Thursday we discovered her wound was open once again and she was rushed to her surgeon for treatment. He suggested taking her back into surgery but the family has decided to use that as a last resort because at the age of 89 this surgery was extremely difficult on her. So treatment at this point is that the wound has been packed and will be kept clean and dry. She also suffers advanced dementia which seems to be exacerbated by all these changes.
Your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

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